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More than a decade Parax Academy, known as one of the best academy in India for DJ & Music Production courses. Founded by Internationally renowned and India's well-known DJ & Music Producer 'PARAX' aka Parag Hiralikar in 2008 made over 400 DJs as of now and still moving up with remarkable journey. People from all over India coming to Pune to join Parax Academy just because of one reason 'DJ Parax Teach Here Personally !' 

Parax Academy Services also works in rental DJ system, club/lounge DJ contracts, event management and many more. Academy regularly requires DJs to perform in various events or for fixed jobs in clubs. So ofcourse academy always prefers own students only for this work. So its our promise that you will earn for sure...

So don't think much pickup your phone and talk with Parax directly, feel free to ask your any doubts...

+91 8007766699

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