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New Year's Eve Liveset Uplift 2020

Parax well-known all around India and many countries because of his music innovations Mashhouse, देसीEDM and Spinstylz DJ's Destination Albums. 2008 Parax started producing hindi & marathi remixes music. 2010 Parax joined group Spinstylz DJs and produced Destination Album series. Then long planning and study of a year Parax invented concept 'MASHHOUSE' which has made whole India crazy for EDM mashups as well taken India's name ahead in global EDM scene. Mashhouse supported by world's top DJs and got played in worlds largest music festivals too. Finally  a short and simple another innovated concept देसीEDM marked one more milestone in Parax life. Here you can download/listen all Parax top tracks from 2008 till now - 


It was not just about the producing mixes Parax has invented another concept to spread the EDM in the country "The Sound Of House Podcast". 2010-2016 everymonth with latest dance music an episode of 60-80 mins use to release on iTunes Podcast and Soundcloud. The concept was started with commercial/pop music later went to various EDM genres which introduced various dance music around the world. It was getting difficult to search, download various music and make podcast of it everymonth so Parax decided to discontinue this concept after 6 years in 2016 but Parax now again continued with mixtapes of various genres whenever possible.
All podcast episodes and mixtapes are available for download on top.

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