1 Month Duration - 25 Sessions(including practice sessions)

Stay updated with world ! Softwares/Controllers upgrade yourself and build your personal DJ set.

Every best DJ in the world is producer first ! Without music production you can't achieve your dreams. Today's most important need is to become DJ Producer.

  Music Production Course

Offer valid only on full payment in advance. 

   Professional DJ Course

Traditional style of learning DJ ! If you have not learned in this way DJ word is incomplete for you.

1 Month Duration - 20 Sessions(including practice sessions)

Introducing Our Courses 

         Digital DJ Course

 2 sessions (Added in Professional DJ Course & Full Course) 

What will be covered in the course - 

Theory -
​1. Introduction of DJ & Music industry 

2. Introduction and connecting of DJ & Sound equipments

3. Introduction of music genres and top artists in DJ industry

4. Various career options in this industry

5. Sorting music and making own collection, Sources of music. 

6. Beat cueing, Drop mixing cueing

7. Cueing and Drop mixing

8. Practice of drop mixing

9. Beat matching on basic music

10. Beat matching on house music

11. Equalizing

12. Beat matching and equalizing

13. House music back to back playing 

14. Bollywood music back to back playing 

15. Practice on academy provided / own music

What will be covered in this course - 

Theory -
​1. Introduction of Digital DJ Concept 

2. Introduction Digital DJ softwares and equipments

3. Purchasing own DJ equipment

4. Using Rekordbox with DDJ 400

5. Using Traktor DJ with CDJ/XDJ/DDJ Players

6. Using Rekordbox DJ with DJM 900/250

7. Using Rekordbox DJ with CDJ/XDJ Players

8. Detail rekordbox study 

9. Using DDJ 400 features

10. Practice on ​DDJ 400

What will be covered in this course - 

Theory -
​1. Introduction and importance of Music Production

2. Introduction softwares (DAW) used for Music Production

3. Introduction of supporting things vst, plugins, packs, etc..

4. Installation of DAW and supporting things.

5. Introduction and making own studio setup for production.

6. Basic theory on Piano notes and chords

7. Composing beat

8. Composing baseline

9. Composing lead, arp, pad, etc.

10. Using Vst, banks and presets

11. Using packs, loops, effects

12. Using Plugins and presets

13. Automation concept

14. Making 30-60 sec intro

15. Making basic remix

16. Making remix with vst, packs, plugins, automation and more

17. Making mashups

18. Advance features of DAW, more on plugins

19. Basics on mastering track

20. Guest session of DJ Razz

21. Make your own mashup/remix/original track

22. Other required softwares training